About Wescott Station

Wally and Rosie Wescott are the owners of “Wescott Station” Antique Shop which they opened 35 years ago.  Their son Kurt, who started working there at age 16 is still here 28 years later, and is the shop’s Manager.

The shop is named after the town of Wescott MN (now Eagan) which was founded by Wally’s ancestors.

Rosie and Wally have been married 51 years and still reside in St Paul.  They have raised 5 kids and 8 dogs.  They always encouraged their children to “dream their own dreams.” Thus they ended up with: a teacher, police officer, antique dealer, child adoption assistant and photographer in the family.

When younger, Wally and Rosie both worked for the St Paul Recreation Dept with Wally working at Saint Clair and Rosie at Wilder Playgrounds.  Wally later taught for 25 years at Saint Luke Grade School in Saint Paul.  They got their start in the antique business when they found it necessary to supplement their income to support their family of 7.  They would purchase items at garage sales and re-sell them at the Midway Flea Market in St Paul.  Rosie and Wally were also the founders and coordinators of the legendary Saint Lukes School Annual Rummage Sale with the proceeds used for youth programs.

Rosie is well known for her unique annual Christmas Nativity scene window display at Wescott Station – it features numerous real (but not alive) animals, reptiles and birds.  Rosie says: “They’re all God’s creatures!”

Wally was a 3 sport high school referee for 27 years.  He also coached baseball at various levels for 24 years.  He coached quite a few well known St Paul athletes including: Paul Molitor, Jack Morris, Dennis Denning, The Paradise Brothers (Bob, Dick & Larry), Jim O’Neill, Terry Skrypek, Jack Palmer, Bob Williams, Snap Leitner and others.  Wally was also a 1990 Inductee into MANCINI’S SPORTS HALL OF FAME for his contributions to youth sports in Saint Paul. Wally says he “never was a great coach but surrounded himself with talent.”

Wescott Station Antiques offers something for everyone – Browsers Are Welcome!!  -  Please Stop In!!